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Remote MySQL Backups
Remote MySQL Backups
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What are remote MySQL backups?

Traditionally, you need to setup a server and authorize Ottomatik to SSH into your server to perform backups.

Besides traditional forms of backup, Ottomatik has a remote backup functionality, which enables the user to backup the data over a WAN or the internet without logging in user's web server via SSH.

Ottomatik remote backup feature allows users to configure their db backup for which they don’t have SSH server access. So to configure remote backup on user end - user needs to provide db credentials and whitelist given IP. 

This feature can apply but is not limited to the use cases when user doesn’t want to give SSH access to ottomatik server, or simply there is no SSH access because the DB is on cloud hosted service. Currently we support MySQL remote backups only.

Remote Backup Service accomplishes several essential features that ensure the data protection, also bring more security to the process and facilitates the user’s server load during the backup. As with other backup forms, the task is fully scheduled and automated. It requires only a little intervention from the data owner. During the remote backup the database remains live on its initial servers and does not load it, pretending from weaknesses such as data-corruption, damage, misplacements etc. Before being transferred, all data is encrypted for complete security. 

As the remote backup is processes on Ottomatik servers, the user pays only for the traffic, which is used during backup. The traffic depending on the backup file size and is limited for each Plan. 

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