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How do referral payments work
How do referral payments work
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In every Ottomatik account, there is a "Referrals" section under the Account menu.  Here you can see a unique link for your account.  We'll track any clicks and signups that occur using your link.

If one of your referrals signs up using your link you'll see $25 "pending" for each signup.  "Pending" means that your referred customer hasn't yet spent $25 with Ottomatik yet.  

Once a referral has spent $25 or more with Ottomatik you'll see $25 moved from "pending" to "earned" in your "Referrals" interface.

Any amount you see in the "Earned" line is ready to be paid out to you via bank transfer or check.  That's right you can earn cold hard cash by referring signups to Ottomatik!

We process referral earnings payments around the 1st of each month and transfer them to your bank or Debit Card using PayPal.  The 1st (oldest based on creation date) Ottomatik account owner's email address will be used to sent payment with PayPal.

After a referral earnings payment has been issued the amount of the payment (which should be 100% of your "earned" amount") will be added to the "Paid" listing and "Earned" will be reset to $0.00

If you don't claim or respond to your payout notification within 30 days we will try other means of contacting the account Owner(s) to transfer payment.  

If an initiated payout transfer hasn't been completed successfully within 90 days of its original initiation date, the payment will become void.  Your earnings will be forfeited and removed from your "Earned" listing.


We hope you find this helpful! If you need any further assistance, please contact us and we'll be more than glad to help you out. 

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